Onwards – Wellington Youth Choir’s 30th Anniversary Concert Series

This year, Wellington Youth Choir is proud to celebrate our 30th Anniversary! We have come a long way from our origins back in 1989 (before our website could even exist!) For years, Wellington Youth Choir has centred around bringing together young people who all collective enjoy singing. We are most proud of our history, and we’d like to thank all current and previous members who have had a part in Wellington Youth Choir’s history.


With that, we proudly present the start of our upcoming concert series, Onwards!

Under the direction of director Mark Stamper, this series includes a wide variety of pieces and genres, celebrating our hope for the past, present and future with pieces that capture the youthful and diverse singers that makes Wellington Youth Choir unique. This year, we are excited to be bring our concert to the beautiful Hawkes’ Bay region!

Wellington Youth Choir is a self-run, mixed group of singers between the ages of 18-27. It is made up of around 40 university students and young professionals living in the Wellington region. The choir provides a bridge between school and community choirs for young singers, many of whom are current or former members of the New Zealand Youth Choir and New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir.

Come along and join us for an evening of vibrant, high-quality singing from the Wellington Youth Choir!


Saturday 28th of September, 7-8pm

Tickets are $5 unwaged & $10 waged

You can find a link to the Facebook event below!


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